RezGaz LLC presents

 Ben Gazzara
Joe Rezwin


The inside story of one of the finest actors of our time, Ben Gazzara, and a moving tale of the relationship that unfolds between him and filmmaker, Joseph Rezwin.

Also featuring
Matthew Modine, Frank Gehry, Julian Schnabel,
Jay Julien, Al Ruban, Elke Gazzara

 Conceived & Directed by Joseph Rezwin
Copyright 2012 RezGaz LLC all rights reserved. USA, 2012, 94 (min)

Gazzara is a promenade through New York, the life and career of actor Ben Gazzara who writer/director Joe Rezwin met in 1977 on the set of John Cassavetes’ Opening Night. As they walk and talk their way through the city and Gazzara’s past visiting key places and meeting important people in his life, Ben and Joe gradually get to know each other better and form a kind of “father/son” relationship. Their conversations about acting and art, fears and desires, life and death all culminate in the final Central Park sequence where Ben persuades Joe it is time to cut the cord, end the obsession with him and Cassavetes and pursue his passion of art and filmmaking in his own individual way as Ben did throughout his entire life.

12 thoughts on “HOME

  1. Absolutely unmissable! A wonderful homage to one of America’s greatest actors. Few documentaries can be classed as treasures, but this is one of them. Thanks, Joe, for capturing these moments with the great actor and allowing us to eavesdrop on the conversation.

  2. “Style is the answer to everything
    A fresh way to approach a dull or dangerous
    To do a dull thing with style is preferable
    to doing a dangerous thing without it
    To do a dangerous thing with style, is what
    I call art
    Bullfighting can be an art
    Boxing can be an art
    Loving can be an art
    Opening a can of sardines can be an art
    Not many have style
    Not many can keep style
    I have seen dogs with more style than men
    Although not many dogs have style
    Cats have it with abundance
    When Hemingway put his brains
    to the wall with a shotgun, that was style
    For sometimes people give you style
    Joan of Arc had style
    John the Baptist
    García Lorca
    I have met men in jail with style
    I have met more men in jail with style
    than men out of jail
    Style is a difference, a way of doing,
    a way of being done
    Six herons standing quietly in a pool of water,
    or you, walking out of the bathroom naked without seeing me”


  3. I never got to meet Ben but I felt I knew him like a brother. Our relationship was via the silver screen, treasured memories. He died February 3rd the same date as his dear friend John Cassavetes, you could imagine the laughter and tears that reunion brought. Ben once said: “You go where they love you” and he went to a lot of places.

  4. Thank you Manuel for your great interview, which is now posted on the GAZZARA website on a special news page dedicated to the interview.

  5. Il faut absolument voir ce film ! Je précise que ce n’est pas un documentaire. C’est une rencontre et une mise en scène entre un grand acteur et un grand réalisateur. Au fil de leur ballade, une véritable relation de complicité s’installe entre ces deux personnes. On sort de cette projection bouleversé, surtout quand on sait que Ben Gazzara est parti peu de temps après et que ce sont les dernières (et peut être seules) véritables images de lui et de son intimité ! On découvre l’autre facette de cette immense acteur auquel on s’attache au fur et à mesure des anecdotes. Ce film touche aussi bien les acteurs, les artistes, les simples curieux, les jeunes, les moins jeunes. Encore bravo à Joe pour cette merveille.

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