WORLD PREMIERE @ Locarno International Film Festival !

The 2012 International Film Festival of Locarno in Switzerland will screen
“Gazzara” at the Cinema Rialto on the 2nd of August 2012 at 9 pm
and the 7th of August 2012 at 11:30 am

Click below to view the complete festival programme:

Excerpt from Boris Sollazzo ‘s review  (Prado 2 :  2/08/12)
story of a gentle man who touches the audience with his wit (and) charisma; a portrait woven around the actor’s extraordinary repertoire and … highlighted by a subtle musical score”
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Excerpt from Thierry Chèze’s review (L’Express Cinéma : 03/08/2012)
GAZZARA does not claim to give a documented account of the actor’s career but is rather a leisurely conversation between Gazzara and director Joseph Rezwin…and that is exactly what gives this film its charm.”
“… Fortunately, this documentary does not turn into a gushing, over-sentimental tear-jerker but… tells the story of a relationship between a spiritual « father » and a « son » … striving to “cut the cord » …”
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Excerpt from Dan Fainaru’s review (Screen Daily : 5/08/13)
“…GAZZARA, the man behind the actor’s mask…”
“Seeing the actor walking through the streets of the city he loved most and always considered home, delighted that passers-by still remember him, you feel just like joining Rezwin’s team and maybe sneak in a question or two”

Excerpt from Carlo Griseri’s review (Cinemaitaliano: 8/08/12)
“… the relationship between the two men is indeed a special one; an understanding based on instinctive trust that helps Gazzara to open up, evoke some very personal memories, and to speak freely about himself, his work and even about his friend Cassavetes…’

“… (a) story that you wish would never end”

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