PORTUGUESE PREMIER @ 2013 Lisboa International Independent Film Festival !

2013 IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival
Official selection : Director’s Cut

The 2013 IndieLisboa International Independent Film Festival in Portugal screening

26 April 2013, at 21:30

 Cinemateca Portuguesa
Sala Dr Felix Ribeiro
Rua Barata Salgueiro, 39




Cinemateca Portuguesa                                             Sala Dr Felix Ribeiro


More info on 2013 IndieLisboa & GAZZARA screening details : http://www.indielisboa.com

“…Rezwin is a clear admirer of Gazzara, and readily admits to him, in the film’s final sequence (a stroll through Central Park, beautifully captured by DoP Trevor Tweeten), that he might have wanted to make the documentary simply as a means of getting to hang out with the actor. This personal perspective might account for the film’s overall and admirable avoidance of those limitations that commonly characterise actor biographies…”
Michael Pattison: EYE ON FILM 1 May 2013
Read more @ http://www.gazzarathemovie.com/reviews/#EYE

“….It’s not until the final conversation, in Central Park, that Rezwin confronts and reveals the reasons why he wanted to make the project, admitting that he might have just wanted to hang out with the actor – who he clearly admires. If such proximity to one’s subject makes a documentarian’s work problematic and prone to sentiment, the director’s intentions are unashamedly personal and his delivery admirably unassuming, while cinematographer Trevor Tweeten imbues conceptually ordinary material with a real cinematic edge…”
Michael Pattison: The Film Lounge 3 May 2013
Read more @ http://www.gazzarathemovie.com/reviews/#FILM

IndieLisboa video interivew with GAZZARA director, Joseph Rezwin:  Manuel Barbosa’s interview with GAZZARA director, Joseph Rezwin  at the 2013 IndieLisboa International Independant Film Festival


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